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What I Offer at Kellbridge

Copywriting | Copy Editing | Proofreading



From SEO boosting web copy, to interesting blogs that will engage potential customers, I can provide clear and well worded content to grow your brand. I have a design background so working together with designers on brochures, posters, flyers, newsletters etc, is fast and seamless.

I love to work with new businesses. Are you looking for a name for your new business, or a neat strapline?  I can come up with a range of ideas, including designs for your new logo.

I have had experience in writing content for education, including online induction and training courses.


Copy-editing and proofreading:

Proofreading is where I will check all written documents for spelling, and the correct use of punctuation and grammar.

Copy-editing includes proof reading, but in addition, I will correct problems in layout and formatting, and suggest changes in wording for clarity and fluency.



Sometimes a document needs to be adapted for a different audience. This could be, for example, simplifying a document written in legal language so that people at every level of a business can understand the content. Perhaps a technical health and safety document has to be condensed so that its most important points can be adapted to fit onto consumer packaging, or maybe it needs to be simplified to act as an induction course for new hires.


About Me

I am a qualified and experienced copywriter, copy editor and proofreader, with many years of experience in the marketing industry.

As well as commercial work, I have academic experience as a moderator for honours degree courses in design, and have been an external marker for many MA dissertations.

I have a BA honours degree in multidisciplinary design and a Masters degree in Cultural History from the Royal College of Art.

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My Rates


I quote for copywriting per job. The rates will depend on the length of the copy required and the amount of research needed.

Proofreading and Copy Editing

Proofreading and copy editing services are charged per 1000 words. For Word documents the price is £8 per 1000 words, and for PDFs £18 per 1000 words.

A document requiring a lot of editing, or formatting may be subject to a 25% surcharge, but this will be discussed in advance.



Rewriting will be quoted per job, depending on the extent of the rewrite and the length of the document

E-book Reader

Contact Details

I am based in Nottingham, but willing to travel to you if needed

Phone: 0737 943 1091

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