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On the Threshold

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

This is the second in a series of five exercises connecting image and thought to spark new ideas.

At the moment between then and now

At the place between there and here

On the threshold of something new.

I'm staying with my brother at the moment, in an area I don't know well. Each daily walk maps out more of my new neighbourhood. I was walking today along a rather boring road, somewhere between here and there. There was where there was a bench I could sit for a few minutes and listen to the birds. I wondered if that would be cheating on the strict but somewhat vague Covid lockdown rules, but decided that resting and listening to the birds for a few minutes during my daily excercise was certainly good for my health. And anyway, I could pretend to be tying up my shoelace if any local busybody came by.

I had walked along this very road a number of times, but this time, for the first time, I noticed a sign for a public footpath, leading off the road and into pastures new. Where did it lead? No idea ...

I thought about the trusty bench, waiting placidly in the spring sunshine for me to arrive. And then I squinted along the footpath, edged with celandines and forget-me-nots. There was a stile to climb over. It looked quite high, and was that a muddy patch on the path?

I took the path, climbed over another stile and walked along the side of a ploughed field. Suddenly, as if it had been waiting for me, a skylark's song came cascading from the grey clouds above me. I located the tiny bird, high above, tumbling and singing through the air and felt very glad of the impulse to step onto the new path. And I wondered how often have I missed something wonderful, because the stile looked a bit high, or the path might be a bit muddy?

On the threshold Exercise: Take a photograph of a threshold. It could be a doorway, a gate, or any place where one thing turns into another. Think about a chance that you could take to move yourself on. It can be something very small. A phone call, a mail, an online search. Share your thoughts on a post with your picture. You will never know what a gentle knock on effect you could be starting.

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