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It's a sign! Generating new ideas

Tired of reading posts about Covid 19? Me too.

Let's think about something new. Here is the first in a series of small exercises you can do to feed your creative mind and spark new ideas. There will be a new one every other day for the next 10 days. They are designed to link images and words, and will be perfect for posting on your Facebook and Instagram pages, to impress your friends!

Exercise 1: IT'S A SIGN!

I love signs and often photograph them. My favourite sign ever is this Liberty of London shop sign. Not only is it a beautiful sign, the fall of red flowers, and the union Jack make for a pleasing composition. But more than that, the word LIBERTY struck me with particular force on that day that stood on that crowded London pavement to snap this shot. It made me think of the places in my life where I felt trapped, and it became a symbol of a new train of thought that eventually led to a life-changing move.

Sometimes a sign draws your attention to the brilliant ideas of others. I spotted this sign in a Cape Town coffee shop, inviting people to knit a few rows to make scarves for the needy children of the province. It was such a gentle pleasure to knit a few rows, between sips of coffee.

And finally, a sign can spark a memory. On my 'Boris walk' today, I passed a house called "Fernhill". I was a teenager when I first read Dylan Thomas's famous poem, "Fern Hill". I wept over it, without really understanding what it was about. I looked it up when got home, and read it again, and wept again. NOW, I really do understand it.

It's A Sign exercise

On your next walk, take a photo of a sign that appeals to you. If you are confined to your home, take a photo of a sign or a label inside your house. Think about what it means to you. is it an inspiration, an instruction, a memory? Think laterally :-)

Post your picture on social media with your commentary and invite others to join in - you should be rewarded with some great new thoughts and ideas.

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